“A Journey of Voices – Stewards of the Land”

by Diane Gladow on October 15, 2012

Experience American History once again through the personal letters and accounts of the people who lived it. In Mrs. Gladow’s second book in her A Journey of Voices series, seven generations of the Crume family interact with two hundred years of American History. This book tells the story of the Crume family by interweaving old letters, pictures, land documents, Bible records, and historical references with an account of the family’s life and movement through seven generations. Whether it be flatboating down the Ohio River, building homes in the wilderness, fighting in the American Revolution, enduring the Civil War in a border state, dealing with Indians in Texas, surviving the Great Depression and Dust Bowl, or experiencing two World Wars, this family will continue to surprise and challenge readers to look at history in a completely new way.  This family connects to the Lincoln family at the point of President Lincoln’s aunt, so certain members of the Crume family were Lincoln’s first cousins.  Stories surrounding this connection are contained in the book, as well as the story of the modern-day search for a Crume cemetery in Kentucky, missing for one hundred and fifty years, where the President’s aunt is buried.

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Barbara Johnson March 25, 2014 at 2:36 am

Found your book reviewed in the P.E.O. Record. My husband’s ancestry dates back to Jesse Crume, 1760-1824, son of Philip. His grandmother was Emily Olivia Crume. If possible, we would be elated to have any information you might have discovered about this line of descendants. I was disappointed the book took a different turn from his family after Ralph, Jr. This sounds like a big request, and I would be happy to reimburse you for your time and effort. I’m so impressed with the research and determined diligence it has taken to do this monumental research for not one, but two books!
Barbara Johnson, Scottsdale, AZ

John R Jeffries October 9, 2015 at 2:38 pm

Ancestry.Com DNA has confirmed our family history connection. The Lincoln and Crum relationships all fall within the predicted parameters. Most interesting is the confirmation that our Mary Lincoln proves to be the daughter of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Shipley. This agrees with early Kentucky family history. I have DNA relationships with six different Shipley descendants that prove out within predicted ranges provided this marriage is in our lineage. Furthermore, I can find no other path to connect to these individuals through other family lines.

Diane Gladow January 9, 2016 at 11:22 pm

I am assuming that I am talking with Jack Jeffries. It has been awhile since we have visited about our mutual Crumes. I have been busy working on my father’s family and preparing a new book on them, but I do still hear from Crume descendants occasionally and do a little more research. This last year I put my son’s DNA on Ancestry.com DNA, and I got back matches for Crumes and Jordans (the other family I did a book on). I found the DNA which includes the female side very interesting, but I have been too busy to do much more with it. Rick Crume has probably done the most, and my connection to him and Brett Berry were confirmed which it should have been. I don’t remember any Shipley matches. As for the Mary Shipley connection, it has always been a puzzle. I think your last statement verifies that. However I would have to do a lot of study on the DNA before I would conclude that Mary Shipley married Abraham Lincoln and was the mother of Mary Lincoln, and currently I just don’t have the time. I will leave that up to you, but I am always cautious with DNA. My current book is taking all of my time. When I finish it, which I hope to do early this year, I will have more time to look at the DNA situation. Thanks for letting me know of your studies, and it is good to hear from you once again. I am sorry that I am just now getting your message, but I don’t often check the site, due to all of the spam that it attracts. I will be in touch. Diane Gladow

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